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Channel Letters
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Tallahassee Channel Letters


For establishment signage in any industry or business, channel letters and dimensional letters are the top options.

Custom Channel Letter Building SignTallahassee channel letters offer adaptability and variety because they are easily customized for the type and the unique branding and voice of the business. Choose between illuminated channel letter signs, flat dimensional letters, or a custom-built sign, and we’ll provide the best sign for your business.

As your local Tallahassee, FL sign company, Tallahassee Sign Company prides itself for its quick service, excellent manufacturing, and value for money.

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Storefront Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letter SignChannel letters have been a big hit with the majority of our customers. Tallahassee channel letters are coordinated individually cut pieces, including letters, numbers, symbols, and images bound to a backing frame to create a 3D quality. These can be installed either raceway-mounted or flush-mounted to your building, depending on your preferences. The channel is also coated with a lasting acrylic top layer in the color and transparency level of your choice.

Feel free to customize your channel letter sign with your brand name, logo, or even slogan. At Tallahassee Sign Company, we offer customization for your business signs in a multitude of styling options, colors, font types, and font sizes. Your channel letters can be handwrought to form images, icons, or custom fonts to your signage.

Channel Letter Signs are commonly used for retail stores, office buildings, grocery stores, shopping centers, malls, manufacturing facilities, churches, schools, and other establishments and organizations.

Dimensional Letters

Storefront Sign

Dimensional letter signs have a lot of similarities with channel letter signs since they both consist of individually created elements. While Tallahassee channel letters have an empty channel inside, allowing for illumination, dimensional letters are cut from solid sheets of metal, acrylic, or other material. There are several various styles, sizes, and font options, as well as variances in material thickness, so you are in control when it comes to how dimensional your sign looks, from almost flat to several inches deep.

Just like channel letter signs, dimensional letter signs make use of individual pieces. The difference between the two is that channel letters have a hollow interior path that can be illuminated, while dimensional letters are solid blocks of acrylic or metal. At Tallahassee Sign Company, we offer a variety of sizes, styles, font types and sizes, thickness, and material type. Customize your business’s dimensional letter sign the way you want it.

Tallahassee Sign Company lets you choose your elements to create eye-catching dimensional signs ideal for your brand’s marketing and promotion.

These signs are ideal for restaurants, offices, retail stores, malls, manufacturing and are even a great option as indoor signs or lobby signs.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

Lighted Sign

Imagine how much attention your business would attract with LED backlighting to complement your channel letter sign. The best benefit of the LED backlighting is true visibility. Be visible to potential customers at night or in bad weather.

An LED-backlit channel letter sign is the perfect investment for businesses operating during the evening or until the late hours due to its visibility that attracts new and potential customers. Tallahassee Sign Company offers assistance throughout the process, from designing and creating the sign, to installing and wiring it, to cleaning up afterward.

Lighted signs are ideal for nightclubs, bars, theaters, restaurants, comedy clubs, convenience stores, coffee shops, and gas stations but are also suitable for any business that wants to set itself apart.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Tallahassee Channel Letters tsc logoAt Tallahassee Sign Company, we find long-term investments in each and every customer. We’re guaranteed to give you quality craftsmanship using premium materials, quick turnaround times, and a team of dedicated experts to assist you from start to finish.

Call Tallahassee Sign Company at (850) 427-6337 for your Free Consultation with a Tallahassee Channel Letters expert!